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Private Personal Finance


The Mass Bookkeeper focuses on services for individuals seeking to manage their bookkeeping and personal finances with ease and privacy. Gail’s personal finance in-home services include: bill-paying and management in one or multiple properties; balancing checkbooks; transferring client funds as needed; and general personal finance consultation and professional advice. Gail also offers organizational services to make the client’s financial life easier. Remote services include Zoom, phone consultations, secure file transfers, email and mail forwarding, and trusted account access. 


The Mass Bookkeeper performs one-time or as-needed organizational projects for her clients in addition to ongoing individual bookkeeping. Services include: tax document collection and secure transfer to the client's accountant or tax preparer; file organization, including thinning out and consolidating dated files and removing sensitive documents for shredding; and implementing personalized filing systems for loose papers, including ordering folders and other filing materials to remove the hassle for the client. Gail also performs home check-ins and mail pickup for seasonal Massachusetts residents.


Many Mass Bookkeeper clients have worked with Gail for several years, as one-time projects often evolve into an ongoing personal finance engagement. Clients are mainly located in the MetroWest Boston area and Eastern Massachusetts.


Because confidentiality is a cornerstone of Gail’s work, client references are available upon request.


The Mass Bookkeeper is the culmination of Gail Thorndike’s career in personal finance, which began over 25 years ago as a favor to a dear family friend in need of individual bookkeeping services. That fruitful relationship has since expanded into a successful business, with one new client referral after another. Today, Gail takes on new clients selectively, with a focus on individuals seeking to manage their bookkeeping and personal finances with ease and privacy. She can provide many of her services remotely, but she also has the ability to travel to clients in MetroWest Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Gail is proficient in Quicken, and she holds a BS from the University of Massachusetts Boston.


Because Gail prefers the personal connection of working with individuals, Gail’s services do not include bookkeeping for businesses.

Client references are available for the Mass Bookkeeper upon request.   


Scituate, Massachusetts 

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